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Today’s Case

NBA champion Kendrick Perkins, Edly partner to launch NILLY, a first-of-its-kind NIL investment platform

NILLY logo (Photo Credit:

Investment company Edly and NBA champion Kendrick Perkins announced the launch of NILLY, a unique investment platform that allows student-athletes to capitalize on their NIL earning potential faster. The organization will provide qualified investors and fans a unique way to diversify their portfolios by investing in strategies that focus on their favorite college teams and players, and allow them to participate in future NIL earning opportunities.

Perkins will serve as the company’s brand ambassador.

Here’s how it works, in part:

Approved student-athletes who partner with NILLY, including both enrolled and committed college athletes, will receive an upfront license payment and additional NIL earnings over time in exchange for licensing their NIL rights to NILLY. The arrangement between NILLY and student-athletes is limited to the student’s revenue from NIL opportunities, not their playing earnings. Athletes will keep the upfront payment, even if they get injured or stop generating NIL revenue for any reason, offering them protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

NILLY also gives accredited investors a unique way to invest in NIL rights, with earnings being shared between student-athletes and investors.

The Verdict

  • Curious as to the full benefits of the platform

    • NILLY touts themselves as a unique NIL platform, but I’ll need to see it in action before further assessing.

      • Are they sourcing deals on behalf of athletes? Are athletes being connected with investors for long-term deals? How are athletes selected? Who are current investors and partners involved? etc.

    • However, I do applaud the upfront payment aspect (even for committed recruits) and financial education for athletes.

  • Partnering with Kendrick Perkins is a smart approach

    • Perkins had to forego college basketball due to financial reasons, so he understands the benefits that NIL brings to college athletes.

    • He can also potentially bring in investors and brands for athlete deals, as well as long-term partnerships with NILLY.

  • More financial services companies tapping into NIL

    • Financial literacy is important at any stage in life - and even moreso for college students.

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