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Today’s Case

Players Health launches NIL Insurance for collectives

Players Health logo (Photo Credit:

Student-athletes and collectives want to protect their financial investments. Players Health is providing just that.

The leading athlete safety and insurance solution provider in sports, the company introduced a first-of-its-kind offering of insurance products, designed to revolutionize the NIL landscape in college sports.

In an effort to safeguard the interests of college athletes and collectives during an unprecedented period, Players Health's new products include NIL contract protection, critical injury protection and the Beta launch of PH Portal.AI, an AI-driven analytics platform. The NIL contract protection is tailored specifically for collectives, enhancing donor and brand confidence by managing risks and limiting the collectives’ exposure to transfer portal liabilities.

In addition to their new product offering, Players Health announced a multi-year partnership with Opendorse to bring improved financial security and compliance to collegiate sports. This collaboration leverages Players Health's expertise in risk management with Opendorse's market-leading technology and services to offer comprehensive support to NIL collectives.

The Verdict

  • A much-needed service in NIL

    • Insurance protections are important in our daily lives - and will prove to be beneficial for student-athletes and collectives. Additionally, this helps to usher in a new era for college athletics.

      • Additionally, the NIL contract protection is specific to collectives, which manages risks and limits the collectives’ exposure to transfer portal liabilities.

  • Great to see AI being integrated

    • The integration of an AI data analytics platform is outstanding, and speaks to the aforementioned new era of college athletics. From my understanding, this is the first NIL-related data platform designed to minimize risks for collectives via predictive analytics.

  • Partnership with Opendorse makes for a big splash

    • Opendorse is one of the leading organizations when it comes to NIL, and the initiative amongst the two companies brings legitimacy to the partnership.

      • Improved compliance and financial security for college sports will be the norm for the foreseeable future, and more schools and collectives will look to partner with Players Health.

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